Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gourmet water is for sissies

While walking down the street the other day Brett and I saw this gourmet water store. You might not be able to make it out in the picture but there are rows and rows of different gourmet waters for sale. I can only imagine what a tasting would be like there. I kept envisioning something like a wine tasting, where I was encouraged to spit out the waters as I tasted them, and where I ate crackers to cleanse my palette for the next offering. I guess if there can be wine aficionados and beer connoisseurs there can be water devotees - but for now I'll just stick to tap, no matter how low brow that makes me look in a Dutch restaurant.

I also saw this "Sissy Boy Homeland Store" sign at the mall. I'm not sure what the store sells, but I'm guessing it's not wimpy Dutch men. Still, this is Amsterdam. They sell a lot of things here that you can't buy in the US :-) In reality though, they sell clothing, furniture, and home accessories.

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