Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holly hates the train

We've been hard at work looking for a place to live since the market is pretty tight here in Amsterdam. We think we found a place to rent that will take Holly - but before we told the landlords we'd sign, I wanted to have Holly try the stairs to the apartment from the street. The apartment is on the 2nd floor with no elevator and the stairs are pretty steep here. I wasn't sure how she'd react - especially as she's a "senior" dog.

She handled the steps just fine - but the train to get there? Eh, not so much. First off, getting her to the train took a few extra steps - like not taking escalators because her hair might get caught as we exited. You may laugh, but I had a shoelace get stuck in an escalator once and it ripped the shoelace off my shoe!

Anyway - once we got to the train track (and I paid for a "hond" ticket for the dog) we went to board. Holly bridged the gap between the platform and the train ok, but she was a nervous mess for the 7 minute journey. Her entire body was shaking and she kept trying to hide her head in my elbow! She was much better for the return trip, but I wouldn't say it's her favorite mode of transportation.

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