Monday, July 14, 2008

Lost in Translation

If you've ever seen the movie "Lost in Translation" you might appreciate this post. In that movie, Bill Murray's character flies to Japan for a photo shoot, as he's been signed as a spokesperson for some sort of high end alcohol.

Here in Europe, Brett and I have been on the lookout for US actors who are hawking products here. Sometimes it's part of a worldwide campaign (see the Nespresso ad with George Clooney) but other times the campaign is being run only outside the US (see the Eva Longoria ad for Magnum ice cream bars).

They're fun to watch and I know they're working because the girls in my office have designated Fridays as "ice cream day." When they go down to the cafeteria they often pick up the "Eva Longoria bar" (it's really a Magnum branded item - but the girls think it's more fun to talk about Eva).



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